Sales Enablement Through Video Playbooks

maximize sales performance with video playbooks

With vPlaybook, you can deliver a video-based experience for your salespeople to improve performance. Turn your your static sales enablement and training content into engaging learning material with videos of top performers and thought leaders demonstrating what “good” looks like.

modern solution for sales enablement

Sales playbooks and training materials should not be large PDF files or PowerPoint decks filled with endless amounts of text. Instead, design your playbooks to serve the modern salesperson: make them interactive and accessible from anywhere–and fill them with engaging video and your most current content.

on-demand sales content management

With vPlaybook’s resource drawer you can easily provide recommended sales assets based on playbook section. Store any type of file (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and make it available immediately to your team.

Who uses vPlaybook?

sales enablement

Equip your salespeople with powerful digital playbooks so they always have the right content, tools, and training to be successful.


Improve the performance of your sales team and create more successful customer conversations.


Align sales and marketing and ensure consistent messaging with all of your assets, playbooks, and strategies in a single virtual tool.

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