Sales Enablement
Through Video Playbooks

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Maximize Sales Performance
with Video Playbooks

With vPlaybook you can deliver a video-based experience for your salespeople to improve performance. We can help turn your static sales enablement and training content into engaging learning material with videos of top performers and thought leaders demonstrating what good looks like.

A Modern Solution
for Sales Enablement

Effective sales playbooks and training materials should not be large PDF files or PowerPoint decks filled with endless amounts of text. Playbooks should be designed to serve the modern salesperson, that is, be accessible from anywhere, designed to be interactive, show the most current content, and include engaging video.

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On-Demand Sales
Content Management

With vPlaybook’s resource drawer you can easily provide recommended sales assets based on playbook section. Store any type of file (PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.) and make it available immediately to your team.

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“[vPlaybook] has worked closely with us for the last two years to develop messaging playbooks for two of our products. DSG’s workshop brings together our best sales people, plus marketing and product experts.”

Ashely Stirrup | CMO

“The change required by our sales team and leadership was significant. [vPlaybook] has accelerated our time to results through playbooks, training events, and collaboration with each of our vertical VPs. They have become a trusted ‘insider’ within Panasonic.”

Scott French | VP of Gov Sales

“The playbook is a nice tool for salespeople. They keep using it because it’s the right set of content and practical guidance to refresh the memory during the weeks, months, and quarters after a training roll-out.”

Alex Tisserand | Managing Director Sales Development and Support

“The rich media nature of the virtual playbook allowed us to capture video and to capture all the nuances of our business and conversation best practices in a way that it is easy for a new salesperson to get up to speed. Our sales people will often watch the videos in the vPlaybook before a big sales presentation to get a quick refresher on the content and gain some added confidence going into the meeting.”

Ogi Kavazovic | Vice President of Strategy & Marketing

“We’re very geographically dispersed, and when a new employee comes on board I send them to our vPlaybooks. Our salespeople can use this tool to self teach themselves the material and prepare for customer conversations. The vPlaybook brings the content to life and puts it in the hands of people regardless of where they are in the world. The feedback from our sales organization is that they love it.”

Sandra Moran | VP Industry & Product Marketing

“The vPlaybook has had a significant impact on my team. It is the way I make sure all my new-hires know our story and are conversation ready. Through using the vPlaybook the new people are getting to the right audience and delivering the right message faster. They use it heavily in the early stages and it saves me lots of time from having to educate them myself.”

Omar Agha | Regional Sales Manager, UK

Award-Winning Creative

Looking for some help creating powerful visuals and videos to uplift your digital sales playbooks? We’ve got you covered. Our team of graphic designers and videographers have won multiple awards for our designs and video production. Reach out to see what’s possible.

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