Value of vPlaybook at Agiliti

Agiliti’s use of vPlaybook as a central repository for sales enablement content allowed them to get new hires up to speed quicker. vPlaybook allowed the marketing team to roll out updated content in real-time, too, so everyone on the team has easy access to the latest insights.

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Video Transcript

So, the value of a vPlaybook to our organization Agiliti – we have 200 commercial salespeople out in the field all across the US. And so the value for us is having that one central repository, that tool that’s very easily accessible both online and offline, which is critically important for us working in hospitals where you don’t have Wi-Fi all the time.

So one is the accessibility. And two is the ease of use that allows the marketing team at Agiliti to update the messaging, update the tools on a real-time basis, roll it out so that everything that a salesperson sees when they engage vPlaybook is most up to date in real time as it can be.

So, another great outcome of vPlaybook is with our new sales hires. It allows them to get up to speed a lot more quickly around our solution, around our messaging. And then ultimately lays out what to know, what to do, what to say, and what to show with our customers.

Before we engaged with V Playbook, you know, the content that we had was somewhat centralized, but it was really just difficult to find. It was on a SharePoint page. Our reps were able to go and try to navigate and find it, but, you know, the functionality of it was a little difficult.

The reps were always having problems finding stuff, and then even just version control, or rolling out new things, making sure that they had the latest was always a challenge.

The benefits of the, the vPlaybook that we see with our reps and we continue to see as we roll it out is just that just-in-time access to things. So if they’re prepping for a meeting, they’re able to go in. They’re able to look at what are the insights. What’s going to resonate. They’re able to look at those talk tracks around the three Whys of “why do something?” “Why now?” “Why Agiliti?” And be able to pull that into their meetings and really just help bring that latest content and make them prepared to really go in and have a solid meeting with outcomes that are gonna drive the deal forward.

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