Sales Onboarding: Five Tips for Accelerating Time to Productivity

Effective sales onboarding is crucial to speeding new hire ramp-up time and accelerating their time to productivity. Research shows that it also reduces turnover, improves job satisfaction, and even contributes to measurable revenue growth.

But it’s not easy to do. The majority of businesses (62%) consider their onboarding process to be ineffective.

Download the eBook to learn five actionable steps you can take today to improve sales onboarding. You’ll learn:

  • How to make boot camp effective and experiential
  • Why relying heavily on the buddy system doesn’t produce the onboarding experience your reps need
  • How to create a smart, content-sharing system
  • Why investing in sales manager coaching is important
  • How to use technology to your advantage

The modern sales playbook can give you and your new hires the content and tools they need to achieve sales mastery—and quickly become a contributing member of the team.