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When are playbook edits visible?

You can edit vPlaybook in real time or in draft mode. With real-time edits, you can work on a playbook at any time, while it’s live, without disrupting users. For draft mode, users will not be able to see new content until you’re ready to publish it. This is best for new sections or major updates.

How is playbook content created?

Playbook Owners and Administrators create content in Editing Mode. Activate Editing Mode and proceed to add content using the Content Editor. Editing options include buttons, adding text boxes, images, video, audio, and uploading files or resources.

How many playbooks can we create?

You can create as many playbooks as your company needs. vPlaybook subscription is based on the number of users, not the number of playbooks.

Can we link to outside resources?

Yes. Administrators can upload images, video, and audio files directly to the vPlaybook pages or can link to external sources with URLs. These linked resources are only available when connected to the Internet; however admins can also add downloadable assets to vPlaybook’s Resource Drawer.

Does vPlaybook track usage data?

Yes. Sales Managers, Playbook Owners, and Administrators have access to the vPlaybook reporting tool. Use the reporting tool to track data on the user level or the content level. vPlaybook usage data can include both online and offline usage. Pull a report at any time or schedule recurring reports.

How does Offline Mode work?

The vPlaybook Offline Mode feature lets users download a playbook to their device to view without access to an internet connection. Administrators can choose to enable Offline Mode for your playbook or not.

Can playbooks be in any language?

Yes, playbook can be in any language. The vPlaybook application is only supported in English, but we regularly work with clients to create playbook content in multiple languages.