Sales Enablement Through Video Playbooks

Marketing spends a lot of time and effort creating the perfect strategies and content for sales. With vPlaybook, marketing can now empower sales teams with innovative content and improve messaging consistency across sales and presentations.

Align Sales and Marketing

vPlaybook brings marketing and sales leaders together with digital sales playbooks. Easily create, manage, and distribute digital playbooks to ensure your salespeople always have the right information for every scenario.

manage sales content

With vPlaybook, marketing teams can enable sales reps with assets, talk tracks, and the guidance they need to have compelling conversations. Use on-demand content management features to push updates to the field instantly and ensure that only the most current content is being used. You can also leverage the embedded analytics in vPlaybook to provide feedback on what content is being used versus what is being ignored.

Improve Customer-Facing Materials

Use our graphic design and video production services to bring your sales playbook to life. Uplift existing assets or create new sales-friendly content with our creative services.