New Sales Skills Program Expands to Cover all Opportunities to Maximize Profitability, Not Just Traditional Deal Negotiations

Ensuring contract renewals and effectively communicating price increases with existing customers goes beyond typical negotiations skills training

PLEASANTON, Calif., July 25, 2017 – Corporate Visions, the leading marketing and sales messaging, content and skills training company, has broken open the traditional sales negotiations training category with new, tested and proven competencies for three key moments that salespeople need to master to maximize profitability: complex negotiations, customer renewals, and strategic price increases.

“This is a category-buster, because traditional negotiations training programs have long focused on only one key area involved with customer profitability, and that’s price negotiations,” said Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Corporate Visions. “Important as these negotiations are, it’s only one of three key moments of truth where salespeople can either allow value to ‘leak’ out of the customer relationship, or they can capture that value and deliver more revenue and higher margins.”

The new Capture Value® skills program helps salespeople master the competencies needed to maximize deal and customer profitability by:

  • Managing complex, consensus-driven deals where the buyer seems to have all the power. Your sellers will learn how to introduce unconsidered needs to create pricing uncertainty, and establish pivotal agreements that ensure you are exchanging value instead of giving it away. By doing so, you’ll expand the deal size, rally multiple buyers to a decision and protect your margins throughout the sales process.
  • Increasing per-customer profitability by ensuring contract renewals. Sellers will learn a new, tested and proven framework for communicating renewal messages that has been shown to increase likelihood of renewing and decrease likelihood of switching to a competitor. This is critical for salespeople to master because renewals are often more profitable than the original deal.
  • Communicating strategic price increases. Your sellers will learn another critical set of principles, along with a unique, tested and proven framework for managing this all-important interaction for boosting client profitability.

“This is a new category for sales, account management and customer service skills development because it’s about capturing the most value from a customer relationship—not just minimizing discounting from a single transaction,” Riesterer said. “Most importantly, the Capture Value® program brings the latest decision science- and research-backed approaches to these three critical moments for maximizing profitability. This is a big deal for the traditional ‘negotiations’ training category, which hasn’t evolved much in the last 30 years.”

To learn about the key competencies of Capture Value® and other critical moments in your customer conversations, access the following eBook, Becoming a Sales Triple Threat

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