SAP’s Pre-Sales Training Program Developed with Corporate Visions Wins Gold Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award

Reno, NV, September 2019 — Brandon Hall Excellence in Training Awards recognized SAP’s Pre-Sales training program, developed by Corporate Visions, with the Gold award for the “Best Results of a Learning Program” category for 2019.

The Create Value Program was a customized learning experience developed and delivered by Corporate Visions for pre-sales employees in SAP’s Human Resources line of business. The learning objective was to help them provide a consistent and proven approach for demonstrating value to prospects and customers in early stage customer conversations.

Pre-sales employees participated in a multi-component program including pre-work, live workshop, reinforcement activities, and continued manager coaching. SAP was able to track and demonstrate a significant improvement by participants in pipeline growth, revenue growth and accounts won following the training.

“The whole day was amazing. The best training in years,” said one training participant. “I loved how the teacher told stories in a memorable and easy to understand way, which also helped us relate to the class content.” According to a post-event survey, 97 percent of participants from the pre-sales team are confident they will close more business as a result. And 96 percent felt the training had an immediate positive impact on their performance.

“It’s great to partner with companies like SAP who want to implement comprehensive programs, and diligently measure the resulting impact on actual business outcomes,” said Erik Peterson, chief executive officer at Corporate Visions. “This is the only result that really matters when you are trying to inspire sales behavior change.”

The Brandon Hall Excellence Awards were developed to recognize the best organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results. The awards attract entrants from leading corporations around the world, as well as mid-market and smaller firms.

The main criteria used by Brandon Hall to compare applicants and select the winning learning programs included: How well the learning program effectively aligns to the business goals; how the training was delivered in a manner that influenced the organizational goals; whether there was a good process to support the change management efforts; and how well the learning program produced measurable benefits and outcomes for both the learners and the organization.

A full list of Brandon Hall Excellence in Training Award winners for 2019 is now available online. 

About Corporate Visions, Inc.

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