Corporate Visions, “The Expansion Sale,” to be Published by End of Year

McGraw Hill to publish third book by the best-selling authors of “Conversations that Win the Complex Sale” and “The Three Value Conversations”

RENO, Nev., July 16, 2019 – Corporate Visions has signed an agreement with McGraw Hill to publish a new book called, “The Expansion Sale—Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers.” It’s the first book focused on how Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success organizations can improve their commercial conversations with existing customers to drive more revenue, according to the authors.

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“The subscription economy promises buyers manageable prices for instant value. But this bargain places risk on vendors who now need to flawlessly execute customer expansion conversations to realize the customer value previously gained on a traditional transactional sale,” says Erik Peterson, co-author and chief executive officer at Corporate Visions. “Most companies need to generate 70-80 percent of their revenue from existing customers, but there has never been research, or a book, dedicated to making sure this happens. Now there is.”

Exclusive Corporate Visions research, done in partnership with academic experts, proves that the approach companies use to close the first deal is not the same approach that works for renewal or upsell deals. In fact, the research shows that expansion deals are 180 degrees different than acquisition sales.

“Just as the subscription economy demanded changes in your support model, your financial model, and your product development model, it also needs to drive a change in your marketing and selling model,” said Tim Riesterer, co-author and chief strategy officer at Corporate Visions.

The research provides new, exclusive message-building frameworks and message delivery skills for the four, acute commercial moments associated with customer expansion: renewals, price increases, upsells, and apologies.

“Corporate Visions has devoted the last several years to conducting some of the most rigorous studies ever done on B2B selling, and they’ve uncovered some compelling insights into precisely what’s different about the selling motion for an existing customer vs. an acquisition prospect,” according to Nick Mehta, chief executive officer at Gainsight, the leading Customer Success software company.

“In this book, they turn those insights into tactics that every company should build into their customer engagement and expansion plans. And, speaking as a geek for all things scientific, my favorite part of the book is all the fascinating insight into the psychology of buying and selling,” added Mehta, who also wrote the Forward to the book.

For more information visit the book website.

About Corporate Visions, Inc.

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  • Expand Value®: Keep and grow existing customer revenue by improving retention rates, justifying price increases, and convincing customers to buy more
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