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Winning Rep Mindshare with Sales Plays

Your sellers and managers are busy. Building and launching the right 2021 sales plays will create the focus your sales team needs. Join us for a webinar with Client Delivery Leader, Arriane Emdad, as she shares best practices for:

  • Selecting and launching the right set of Sales Plays
  • Using vPlaybook to design a coaching and reinforcement system that fosters learning (and healthy competition!)
  • Building a closed-loop system to measure the outcome of the Sales Play

Design Showreel

Video Showreel

Converting Your Sales Enablement Content into a Playbook

Take your existing sales enablement content, and transform it into a video-based sales playbook with interactive sections to create a digital playbook experience for your sales team.

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Video Transcript

You’re like most companies, you have this huge library full of content, tons of assets, video files, documents, presentations, tools. And it’s just so much information. What if you could take all that content, and you could boil it down, you could simplify it into interactive, video-based playbooks that your team could use when they want to sell a new product, when they want to sell an integrated solution, when they want to run the next sales play.

We have a design team and a video production team that can very quickly take all of that content, all of those tools for a product area for a solution for a vertical, maybe your company story. But take all that content and reimagine it as a video-based interactive playbook within our web app, the playbook. Let’s see what this could actually look like.

So, imagine our design team is taking all your content, all those assets, and we’re creating a custom navigation. We’re creating templates for the content. We’re creating an interactive user experience where our video production team is filming videos of your people. And then animating it and putting those role plays or insight videos directly into the sections of the playbook and all of a sudden, the content that looked like a bunch of disconnected documents and videos and tools turns into an interactive video-based experience like this.

Drive Success With Sales Plays

How can sales enablement break through the noise? Busy sales reps have competing priorities. Provide the focus needed to drive success by defining a sales play (or sales plays) for your sales team. vPlaybook’s coaching feature allows you to launch sales plays within the playbook and track individual’s progress.

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Video Transcript

This is a story about how my team and I used Sales Plays to drive success for our company. That’s me up there, I’m the Sales Enablement Leader.

We just had the best quarter in our company’s history. But this time last year, things weren’t so great.

Don’t get me wrong. Things weren’t falling apart and we have great people but there were too many sales priorities and ever-changing strategies competing for the sales team’s focus. When everything is important, nothing is important. There was room for improvement.

It all started when I was at a conference and I heard some people using this term I’d never heard before.

After a quick web search…it clicked!

Turns out a sales play is how you break through the noise by aligning on outcomes that are time-bound…..along with content, tools and training to enable salespeople to execute the play
with confidence. And once we defined what we wanted the sales team to focus on, it was easy to use vPlaybook’s Coaching feature to launch Sales Plays and track our reps’ progress.

By focusing on sales plays, and coaching to both activity and outcomes, we have momentum in all the right areas of our business.

Sales Conversation Builder

Sales conversations suffer when salespeople aren’t prepared. vPlaybook can make it easier and faster for reps to prepare for quality sales conversations with Sales Conversation Builder.

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Video Transcript

Picture a salesperson in your organization. What does their afternoon look like? Chances are, they’re busy. They’re in and out of meetings; they’re focused on their next sales conversation, and from a sales enablement perspective, unfortunately, the buyer feedback is not overwhelmingly positive. So a recent Forrester research study showed that 77% of buyers did not feel like their salesperson understood their issues. And so that creates a challenge for us, how can we increase our ability to meet those buyer expectations?

We believe the root issue is a lack of effective conversation planning. So how can we make it easier, faster for your sellers to prepare for their next conversation? Within vPlaybook, Sales Conversation Builder allows your sellers to access your messaging content. So think about use cases, talk tracks, stories. If I’m a seller, I can quickly copy that content into a conversation plan and that conversation plan can be shared across the team. So I can export it to a CRM like Salesforce, I could share it as a PDF with my manager, another person on my team that I’m selling with. And so conversation builder allows your sellers to more effectively prepare and lead customer conversations.

Integrating a Sales Playbook into Your CRM

Watch this video for a walk-through of vPlaybook’s easy process to integrate a sales playbook into your CRM, like

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Video Transcript

Having one place for all your content is essential to the success of a modern sales team. Because your sales reps are busy, and they need the right content at the right time. There are benefits to both your admins and your users when you integrate your sales playbook with your CRM. For instance, with admins it’s easier user management with permission rule sets, and they also have an easy implementation, because it only takes a few hours.

For users, they have a simplified access, because they don’t need to manage multiple logins. And, they get all the content they need in their CRM where they go every day to do their work. For your users, they have a guided selling experience. That is, that you can prompt the page that they need to see, specifically on the contact, opportunity, account, or lead page right there in your CRM. For example, if they’re getting ready for a COO conversation, you can ensure that the content for that conversation appears on the page as they’re getting ready. We do this through business rules that are easy to maintain on the business side, and only involve your CRM admin team at the integration.

Sales Plays

Prioritizing and reinforcing a set of sales plays will help make your playbook more actionable. A successful sales play has three components: It’s time-bound, it’s outcome-focused, and it contains the content tools and best practice examples reps need to execute.

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Video Transcript

So, you’ve created a playbook to enable your growth strategy. Prioritizing and launching a set of sales plays will help make your playbook more actionable. A successful sales play has three components. It’s time-bound, it’s outcome-focused, and it contains the content tools and best practice examples reps need to execute.

For example, in the next 60 days, schedule 25 meetings with CIOs where you lead the whiteboard conversation using the following email scripts, talk tracks and video role plays. Successful sales enablement leaders know that launching and reinforcing the play is as important as the play itself. So, use video. A text-heavy document will not bring your sales play to life. Record your sales leaders introducing the play and issuing the challenge to the sales team.

Reinforce your sales plays with manager coaching. Provide frontline managers with a coaching guide to drive a consistent coaching culture across the whole organization. And create excitement. Celebrate and promote wins across the whole sales team. Maybe publishing a weekly leaderboard to inject some healthy competition. Your sales reps are busy. Building and launching prioritized sales plays will help take your growth strategy from idea to action.

How Video Supports Sales Education at Every Stage

Whether your sales reps are new or experienced, video is a great way to accelerate learning and provide sales education. Expert-on-demand videos bring classroom learning to life and video-based coaching tools can enable better feedback.

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Video Transcript

Salespeople love video. And the best marketing enablement teams use video to drive engagement and accelerate learning across different levels of rep experience. During the onboarding process, reps need more than text-heavy documents. Expert on-demand or interview-style videos help bring classroom learning to life.

Once reps master the what-to-know content seeing real-world examples from people who are already conversationally fluent gives reps a benchmark for what good looks like. As they prepare to lead sales conversations, manager feedback is critical. Video-based coaching tools allow reps to record their own delivery and get hands-on coaching from their managers.

Sales people aren’t the only ones who love video. Customers and prospects love it too. Consider how an animated insight video like the one you’re watching now could help your reps strengthen their message, provide greater clarity, and stand out from the competition.

Every organization is different. And your reps need different things depending on their experience level. But one thing is common. Whether you’re new or experienced, video is a great way to accelerate rep learning.

What is a Modern Sales Playbook?

You have sales education content. You may even have playbooks, but do your sales playbooks have these four characteristics? A modern sales playbook is trackable, video-based, and more.

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Video Transcript

So what is a modern sales playbook? So we found that there’s four characteristics, after seeing thousands of playbooks that can have a material impact on the adoption of your sales playbooks in the field.

So the first characteristic is, think about your playbooks being more just in time. So your reps are preparing for conversations every day in the field and they have a 2:00 pm meeting they’re coming up to. And they’re often searching in disparate sources and systems to find exactly what they need for, to prepare for that conversation. Oftentimes results in ad hoc conversations or them creating their own content, uh, on the spot. So think about packaging the content, the tools and the training a rep would need, to prepare for a conversation in a way that’s intuitive, easy to find and all in one place

The second characteristic is video based. So think short, 60 to 90 second videos of your people demonstrating what good looks like and best practices. They’ll help bring the content on the page to life. And it’ll be much more compelling for your sales people. In fact, studies show that 95% of information is retained through video, versus merely 10% when through text.

The third characteristic is repeatability. So create very common structures and templates that are easy to use and easy to edit. And as a result, that’ll create consistency for those who are consuming that information because they’re used to it in that way. And ultimately scalability for those who are developing the content, rolling out new products, new messages and new initiatives. It becomes a very common, consistent framework.

The fourth characteristic is the ability to track engagement. That will provide those who are creating playbooks the opportunity to see what works, what doesn’t work. And the opportunity to create new or edit existing. And ultimately opportunities for sales managers, to see coaching opportunities for their team. So the next time you go create new playbooks or you’re evaluating your existing playbooks, consider using these four characteristics, as a way to determine are your playbooks modern and sales friendly.