Playbook Videos

Creating Modern Sales Playbooks with vPlaybook

Ditch boring PDF playbooks and sales videos that look like they were filmed with an old flip phone. vPlaybook’s web app and creative services can help your team create sales-friendly interactive playbooks that take reps from preparation to presentation.

Example Sales Playbook

Walk through a sales playbook example on the vPlaybook web app. In this webinar excerpt, hear from DSG and Sirius Decisions sales enablement experts about how modern playbooks should be interactive and video-based. Find out how b-to-b companies are revolutionizing what a sales playbook is and how playbooks are delivered to reps and partners. vPlaybook is a DSG solution.

The Impact of Digital Sales Playbooks

Software company RES used sales playbooks to help align sales and marketing. Their playbooks outline sales plays, use cases, buying triggers, discovery questions, and customer facing tools. Watch this video to hear about RES’ experience of implementing playbooks and the benefits of digital playbooks for their sales team. Before RES introduced the playbook, sales content was all over the place. The new reality with vPlaybook is salespeople easily accessing the right content in a centralized place.

What is Sales Messaging?

The right sales messaging tools and training can bridge the divide between high level strategy and what gets communicated in customer conversations. Resulting in your “big ideas” turning into real results. But how do you effectively package the actual words your sales channels should communicate in customer conversations? The discovery questions that will demonstrate insight? The stories that a customer will find compelling? The model to draw on a whiteboard that will illuminate the customers’ real situation and define a roadmap for solving those problems?

Playbook Mapping

Many organizations need an objective 3rd party assessment of existing sales messaging content and tools. Along with the plan for enabling sales by filling content gaps, creating playbooks, and driving utilization.

What is a Sales Playbook?

What do your salespeople need to execute your strategy? Salespeople need a playbook with practical strategies and messaging, not just process guidance.

Developing Playbooks

A playbook approach to sales enablement means packaging practical guides for leading a meaningful customer dialogue.

Playbook Deployment

A playbook approach to sales enablement means packaging practical guides for leading a meaningful customer dialogue.

Are Your Playbooks Sales Ready?

Salespeople are looking for insightful content to use in customer conversations. What’s in your sales playbook? Too often we see text-based, buzzword-filled information that is not a current or compelling resource for Sales teams. However, when an organization creates an interactive sales playbook filled with current and compelling content the sales playbook can become the “just-in-time” resource salespeople need for success.

Sales Playbook Approach to Learning

75% of companies do not get the ROI they expect from sales training programs. When companies ignore the shifting trends in sales enablement, their sales training is less effective. Today’s tech-savy sales reps need to be equipped with new skills and tools for the changing marketplace. Connect content and action by incorporating a sales playbook into your sales training methods.

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