Converting Your Sales Enablement Content into a Playbook

Take your existing sales enablement content, and transform it into a video-based sales playbook with interactive sections to create a digital playbook experience for your sales team.

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Video Transcript

You’re like most companies, you have this huge library full of content, tons of assets, video files, documents, presentations, tools. And it’s just so much information. What if you could take all that content, and you could boil it down, you could simplify it into interactive, video-based playbooks that your team could use when they want to sell a new product, when they want to sell an integrated solution, when they want to run the next sales play.

We have a design team and a video production team that can very quickly take all of that content, all of those tools for a product area for a solution for a vertical, maybe your company story. But take all that content and reimagine it as a video-based interactive playbook within our web app, the playbook. Let’s see what this could actually look like.

So, imagine our design team is taking all your content, all those assets, and we’re creating a custom navigation. We’re creating templates for the content. We’re creating an interactive user experience where our video production team is filming videos of your people. And then animating it and putting those role plays or insight videos directly into the sections of the playbook and all of a sudden, the content that looked like a bunch of disconnected documents and videos and tools turns into an interactive video-based experience like this.

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