Drive Success With Sales Plays

How can sales enablement break through the noise? Busy sales reps have competing priorities. Provide the focus needed to drive success by defining a sales play (or sales plays) for your sales team. vPlaybook’s coaching feature allows you to launch sales plays within the playbook and track individual’s progress.

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Video Transcript

This is a story about how my team and I used Sales Plays to drive success for our company. That’s me up there, I’m the Sales Enablement Leader.

We just had the best quarter in our company’s history. But this time last year, things weren’t so great.

Don’t get me wrong. Things weren’t falling apart and we have great people but there were too many sales priorities and ever-changing strategies competing for the sales team’s focus. When everything is important, nothing is important. There was room for improvement.

It all started when I was at a conference and I heard some people using this term I’d never heard before.

After a quick web search…it clicked!

Turns out a sales play is how you break through the noise by aligning on outcomes that are time-bound…..along with content, tools and training to enable salespeople to execute the play
with confidence. And once we defined what we wanted the sales team to focus on, it was easy to use vPlaybook’s Coaching feature to launch Sales Plays and track our reps’ progress.

By focusing on sales plays, and coaching to both activity and outcomes, we have momentum in all the right areas of our business.

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