How Video Supports Sales Education at Every Stage

Whether your sales reps are new or experienced, video is a great way to accelerate learning and provide sales education. Expert-on-demand videos bring classroom learning to life and video-based coaching tools can enable better feedback.

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Video Transcript

Salespeople love video. And the best marketing enablement teams use video to drive engagement and accelerate learning across different levels of rep experience. During the onboarding process, reps need more than text-heavy documents. Expert on-demand or interview-style videos help bring classroom learning to life.

Once reps master the what-to-know content seeing real-world examples from people who are already conversationally fluent gives reps a benchmark for what good looks like. As they prepare to lead sales conversations, manager feedback is critical. Video-based coaching tools allow reps to record their own delivery and get hands-on coaching from their managers.

Sales people aren’t the only ones who love video. Customers and prospects love it too. Consider how an animated insight video like the one you’re watching now could help your reps strengthen their message, provide greater clarity, and stand out from the competition.

Every organization is different. And your reps need different things depending on their experience level. But one thing is common. Whether you’re new or experienced, video is a great way to accelerate rep learning. 

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