Sales Conversation Builder

Sales conversations suffer when salespeople aren’t prepared. vPlaybook can make it easier and faster for reps to prepare for quality sales conversations with Sales Conversation Builder.

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Video Transcript

Picture a salesperson in your organization. What does their afternoon look like? Chances are, they’re busy. They’re in and out of meetings; they’re focused on their next sales conversation, and from a sales enablement perspective, unfortunately, the buyer feedback is not overwhelmingly positive. So a recent Forrester research study showed that 77% of buyers did not feel like their salesperson understood their issues. And so that creates a challenge for us, how can we increase our ability to meet those buyer expectations?

We believe the root issue is a lack of effective conversation planning. So how can we make it easier, faster for your sellers to prepare for their next conversation? Within vPlaybook, Sales Conversation Builder allows your sellers to access your messaging content. So think about use cases, talk tracks, stories. If I’m a seller, I can quickly copy that content into a conversation plan and that conversation plan can be shared across the team. So I can export it to a CRM like Salesforce, I could share it as a PDF with my manager, another person on my team that I’m selling with. And so conversation builder allows your sellers to more effectively prepare and lead customer conversations.

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