Sales Enablement Through Video Playbooks

digital sales playbooks for a modern approach to sales enablement

Imagine being able to provide your sales team with the perfect sales messaging strategy and sales enablement content for any target audience, adding this to industry and buyer insights from your product team, and including on-demand videos of role-play examples and best practices from top colleagues.  Now imagine all of this in one virtual tool that is accessible anywhere for your sales reps.    

Digital Sales Playbooks

A digital sales playbook is an interactive guide consisting of content and strategies focused exclusively on preparing sales reps to be successful in the calls, meetings, and presentations they will encounter.  A digital sales playbook is hosted on a virtual platform, can be edited and saved whenever needed, includes integrated video content, and is accessible on any device.  

Having your sales playbooks available in a digital format is key to ensuring your content is interactive and always current, while fitting into the mobile lifestyles of your salespeople.  It is essential for providing just-in-time enablement and readiness that is vital to sales performance.  


messaging playbook

messaging playbook

A messaging playbook is all about knowing the right things to say and how to say them. For an upcoming call, meeting, or presentation a sales messaging playbook provides content and educational materials for telling the right story, showing the right things, having the right questions to ask, and knowing how to handle specific hurdles and objections.

process playbook

Process playbook

A process playbook is focused on defining the steps of the sales process, best practices, roles, tools, and methods to create consistency among existing reps and help onboard new salespeople. Sales process playbooks are commonly created for opportunity management, account development, new hire onboarding, and partner engagement.

coaching playbook

coaching playbook

A coaching playbook consists of sales leadership and educational content that gives managers the strategies and programs they need to maximize their impact on sales performance. This includes information on coaching and leadership best practices along with information on how to assess a team and identify areas of weakness.

Flexible content manager

Use content from your existing playbooks or create new ones in the platform. Push updates for your sales playbooks to the field instantly. Capture closed loop feedback from the field via Ratings and Feedback to inform the next content update. Track usage and see which sales content is being used with Reports and assign different levels of permissions based on roles and business needs.