2/17/20 Releases

Late Challenge Submissions

For clients using the Coaching console, you can now select the checkbox to “leave Challenge open past due date,” meaning the Challenge will not block participants from responding past the selected due date. The Challenge will have to manually archived to close the Challenge.

Below shows the checkbox to enable late submissions when editing the Challenge:

Below shows the rep’s view of a late submission:

Below shows the manager’s scoring view of a late submission:


New Playbook Content – Challenge Link

When editing content in your playbook, you can now select the content box option of “Challenge Link” to redirect Users and Sales Managers to the selected Challenge. This content can appear as a button or as an image. Once in place, you can select the Admin Challenge to link the content to, rename the button or upload an image, and edit the link at any time.

If a User or Sales Manager who does not have access to the Challenge clicks the button, they will not be redirected and instead will see a pop-up message indicating they do not have access. A Sales Manager who has access to the linked Challenge as both a participant and a manager will see the options to redirect as either a Rep or Manager. When a User or Sales Manager is redirected, they will see a “back to playbook” button on their Challenge page.


If you’d like to learn more about any of these new features please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support@vPlaybook.com.

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