12-12-22 Release

Learning Center – SCORM Course Compliance

SCORM files can be uploaded as an activity in a Learning Collection!

To add your SCORM file within a Collection:

  • Navigate to a Learning Collection and enter “Edit Mode”
  • Select “Add New Activity”
  • Select “SCORM Course” in the “Type of Activity” dropdown

Link to Tabbed Content

There are now unique links for each tab of content within the playbooks! Meaning you can now send links to a specific tab of content to direct the receiver to that area of the page.

Learning Center – Badge Logic

You can now configure what earns a badge for a Learning Collection!
Administrators and managers may set a badge to be awarded to participants via the Completion Actions when editing the Collection. The badge logic can be applied to define the number of points and/or activities passed to earn the badge at hand.

To try out this new feature, watch the animation below and follow these steps:

  • Select a Learning Collection in the Learning Center
  • Enter into “Edit Mode” by clicking the “Edit Mode” button.
  • Select “Completion Actions”
  • Click the slider next to “Badges”
  • Configure your badge logic


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