2-7-22 Release

Page Template Editor

In the Templates console, you can edit any of your saved, custom page templates or create new page templates for your Admins and Playbook Owners to utilize.

To edit your existing templates, click the pencil icon next to the title of the template. If you want to modify more than the image, description, or title, click the “modify this template” button within the pop-up.

[av_one_third first]If you want to create a new page template, select the “Add Page Template” button at the top of the page.[/av_one_third] [av_two_third][/av_two_third]

Duplicate Translated Content

Copying & pasting playbook content that has been translated into multiple languages via the Translation Feature just got easier! Now when you copy a translated playbook, page, or section, the translated and original language versions will persist when paste that content in another location.

If you’d like to learn more about these new features please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support@vPlaybook.com.

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