3-06-23 Release

New – Advanced Folder Settings

Administrators can now manage the visibility of folders and control which playbooks display on the Landing Page for their teams.  See the new Advanced Settings by selecting “Manage Folders;” the screenshot below shows an overview of what you can do with this new functionality:

New- Sales Manager UI Improvements

Sales Managers will see improvements to the Learning Collection User Interface.  The left-hand navigation has been updated to clearly define if the Sales Manager is viewing the Learning Collections assigned to them or the Collections assigned to their teams.

When “My Team’s Collections” is selected, a Sales Manager can click an activity tile to review their team’s progress.  See the screenshots below that illustrate how a Sales Manager can see an overview of their team’s progress, a team member’s individual responses, and a preview of what their team member see’s when they participate in an activity.


If you’d like to learn more about these new features please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support@vPlaybook.com.

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