Insurgent vs. Incumbent: 4 Selling Situations Marketers & Sales Must Master

You are constantly facing major competition. Whether you’re the upstart insurgent or the established incumbent, your success comes down to situational fluency—your ability to respond appropriately to the range of different buying scenarios you face on a given day. This requires distinct customer conversations, not a one-size-fits-all messaging approach.

Grab our latest ebook and defeat your competition by tailoring your customer conversations to these four types of selling motions:

  • The Disruptor – Tech advances are short-lived. When you have the edge, you must act fast and take a disruptive approach
  • The Expeditor – Buying cycles are complex, you must build a meaningful case that gets execs to decide or defer
  • The Defender – To make good on all the costs it took to acquire your customers, you need to keep them and get them to pay more
  • The Expander – Your advances and future profits rely on upselling your customers to the next platform, you need to nudge them there

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