Webinar Replay: Gaining Executive Access—Why Your Traditional Approach Isn’t Working

Ask any salesperson, and they will tell you, gaining meetings with senior executives has never been more difficult. The conventional wisdom is that if you want to get an executive’s attention, you have to sound like an executive and gain their attention by offering case studies, ROI, and other quantified results.

This approach has been used in executive selling programs for years, but that conventional wisdom is almost three decades old. Does it still hold up in today’s selling environment?

Watch this webinar replay with Rob Perrilleon, SVP Consulting Services, Corporate Visions and contributor to the upcoming book The Expansion Sale, as he shares the latest science-backed research on:

  • Why the traditional approach to gaining executive access was the WORST performing condition in our most recent study
  • The best messaging approach your sales reps can use to get direct access to an executive and secure time on their calendar
  • What type of messaging is most effective for equipping an internal sponsor to get an executive meeting on your rep’s behalf

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