IJST: Gaining Executive Access

Getting meetings with senior executives has never been more important. But it’s also harder than ever.

Conventional wisdom says that if you want to talk with an executive, you need to talk like an executive. You need to offer up relevant case studies, ROI calculations, and quantified strategic results as the price of entry.

That advice made sense 25 years ago, when you had limited access to executive decision makers. But does it still hold up today?

In this article for the International Journal for Sales Transformation, you’ll discover:

  • New, original research that disproves the “best practice” approach for winning executive access
  • The best messaging approach your sales reps can use to get direct access to an executive and secure time on their calendar
  • What type of messaging is most effective for equipping an internal sponsor to get an executive meeting on your rep’s behalf

Armed with this research, you’ll understand why executives take or decline meetings, and what sales messages work best for winning this highly coveted access to senior decision makers.

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