Webinar: Beyond Negotiation Skills

Buying and selling models are shifting toward a products-as-a-service experience. Your salespeople are faced with new pressures to maximize profitability—such as renewals (“Why Stay?”) and strategic price increases (“Why Pay?”). These post-purchase moments require specific skills and competencies you must master to succeed.

Reserve your seat for this webcast featuring Conrad Smith, co-author of The Three Value Conversations, as he takes a deep dive into what you need to do to capture more value not just in your late-stage deal negotiations, but throughout the life of your customer relationships.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create pricing uncertainty to increase deal size
  • Creatively manage complex, consensus-driven deals where the buyer seems to have all the power
  • Increase per-customer profitability by ensuring contract renewals
  • Communicate strategic price increases in a way that protects your customer relationships while driving long-term growth

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