Webinar: The 3 Must-Win Moments in Customer Success with Gainsight

In the most competitive industries, renewals are anything but automatic. They’re much more like resells. What’s more, renewing and expanding your customers are separate activities with different requirements and motions. Your customers are your most precious and scarce resource. How do you shepherd them through these increasingly critical and tenuous transaction events?

It all starts with improving your marketing message and skills training. Join Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions, and Ruben Rabago, Chief Strategist for Pulse Programs at Gainsight, as they share new research focused on what it really takes to succeed in the three must-win moments in Customer Success. You’ll learn how to develop and deliver the most compelling customer conversations AND business reviews when you need to:

  • Renew your top customers (Why Stay?)
  • Communicate price increases (Why Pay More?)
  • Upsell customers to higher value solutions and services (Why Evolve?)

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