What is a Modern Sales Playbook?

You have sales education content. You may even have playbooks, but do your sales playbooks have these four characteristics? A modern sales playbook is trackable, video-based, and more.

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Video Transcript

So what is a modern sales playbook? So we found that there’s four characteristics, after seeing thousands of playbooks that can have a material impact on the adoption of your sales playbooks in the field.

So the first characteristic is, think about your playbooks being more just in time. So your reps are preparing for conversations every day in the field and they have a 2:00 pm meeting they’re coming up to. And they’re often searching in disparate sources and systems to find exactly what they need for, to prepare for that conversation. Oftentimes results in ad hoc conversations or them creating their own content, uh, on the spot. So think about packaging the content, the tools and the training a rep would need, to prepare for a conversation in a way that’s intuitive, easy to find and all in one place

The second characteristic is video based. So think short, 60 to 90 second videos of your people demonstrating what good looks like and best practices. They’ll help bring the content on the page to life. And it’ll be much more compelling for your sales people. In fact, studies show that 95% of information is retained through video, versus merely 10% when through text.

The third characteristic is repeatability. So create very common structures and templates that are easy to use and easy to edit. And as a result, that’ll create consistency for those who are consuming that information because they’re used to it in that way. And ultimately scalability for those who are developing the content, rolling out new products, new messages and new initiatives. It becomes a very common, consistent framework.

The fourth characteristic is the ability to track engagement. That will provide those who are creating playbooks the opportunity to see what works, what doesn’t work. And the opportunity to create new or edit existing. And ultimately opportunities for sales managers, to see coaching opportunities for their team. So the next time you go create new playbooks or you’re evaluating your existing playbooks, consider using these four characteristics, as a way to determine are your playbooks modern and sales friendly. 

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