2-14-23 Release

New: Learning Center – Feedback

Administrators and Sales managers can now send Feedback messages to Participants on their team when scoring Learning Center activities and as needed.

Activity Response Feedback

When an activity is ready to be scored by a Sales Manager or Administrator a notification bubble will display.

Clicking the notification bubble will load a preview window that displays relevant data about the activity response to be scored.  Below are examples of the type of useful insights you can see before scoring the activity.  When ready to score the response click the “Score” button.

When ready to provide Feedback on a response, a Manager or Administrator can click the “Score” button. Here they will have the ability to message the Participant, as well as attach files (eg. rubrics) or record a quick video.


Feedback Tab

Participants, Managers, and Administrators will be able to review all Feedback in the Learning Center’s Feedback page, located on the left-hand navigation. This feature allows a continuation of the conversation between whomever is providing coaching on a response and the Participant. If toggled on for your company, the Feedback page is also where users can directly message each other.

Below is an example of a Sales Manager’s Feedback page.

Note: the name of who they are messaging as well as the Collection and Activity the Feedback thread was started on is displayed.



If you’d like to learn more about these new features please don’t hesitate to reach out to Support@vPlaybook.com.

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