1-9-23 Release

Primary Language Selection

For those utilizing multiple translated versions of a playbook, you can now select a default “primary” language to display when you open the playbook next time.  You can try this feature out by performing the following steps:

  • Select “manage languages”

  • Select the desired language for the Playbook to display and select “Apply”

  • In the window that pop up, you can choose to set the chosen language as your primary language that the Playbook will display.


If you wish to change it back, repeat the steps above and choose a new language to select as your primary language.

New Report – Challenge Response Report 

Administrators and Sales Managers can pull a report on participants’ responses to Challenge activities. Submissions are displayed based on: Participant, Challenge Name, Task Name, Completion Date, and  Manager.

Submissions that are responses to input text activities will show within the cell, whereas media responses will have a link to the response within the cell.

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