Sales Enablement Through Video Playbooks

accelerate learning with vPlaybook

This console is for strengthening seller’s knowledge, comfortability, and overall skills tied to the initiatives at hand. As a dynamic space for learning and just-in-time training, it offers flexibility for manager or enablement team owned coaching plays.

flexible learning experience

Managers and Administrators can create dynamic Learning Collections from templates or as a custombuild to fit the team’s learning needs. 

  • Create Collections with a variety of activity sequencing and scoring options.
  • Assign Collections to specific team members or allow teams to opt-in to a Collection for self-serve learning.

learning center features

provide fast assessments 

and coaching feedback

  • give individuals direction on what they need to do and how to grow to improve performance

  • send videos and resources to equip sellers with the tools they need to be successful

  • meet your reps where they are by curating their learning journey with specific activities for context and performance

drive usage and track progress 

to boost sales knowledge and skills

  • spark friendly competition and easy-to-review completion rates with the leaderboard

  • celebrate the top performers and easily identify those needing a nudge

  • let reps measure their progress amongst their team and prompt peer-to-peer collaboration